Effective Ways to Boost your Immune System


A strong immune system will keep you from getting infected with coronavirus. And if you do get infected by coronavirus, a strong immune system will help you recover quickly.

Before showing you how to boost your immune system, let’s begin by explaining what your immune system is.

The body’s immune system is the system that is our bodyguard and fights off diseases and infections to ensure optimal health.

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From mental exhaustion to physical illness, the immune system takes on the responsibility of battling every factor that may pose a threat to the body. It not only takes on the role of fighting external disease-causing agents like bacteria, viruses, and pathogens but also helps in cell regeneration to complete the cell cycle and get rid of dead cells so that the new cells can replace them.

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Your body’s immune system comprises of white blood cells, also known as lymphocytes that circle the body via the bloodstream and filter out toxins and disease-causing elements.

However, just because your immune system fights off diseases and infections doesn’t mean it can’t get weak or tired too. Your immune system also demands care and attention. And in order for you to know how to give your immune system the care and attention it needs to be strong and effective, below are the top seven ways that can help you strengthen your immune system and ensure that your body is ready to fight off intruders (coronavirus, germs etc.) and ensure optimal health:

1. Sleep Well

Many people fail to realize this, but having a consistent sleep cycle is extremely important. Nightlife may seem cool and happening, but it is not at all healthy. This is because of the lack of sleep, or inadequate sleep can lead to the weakening of the immune system.

Some certain hormones and proteins play an integral role in battling diseases, and they are only synthesized when we are asleep. Compromising on sleep can compromise their production and release, thus leaving the body more prone to falling sick.

Ensure that you get 7-8 hours of sleep every day. To get better sleep, prioritize your sleep and follow a routine so your body can switch off and relax when it has to. But remember, moderation is key, oversleeping is also not recommended.

2. Add Garlic To Your Diet

Garlic is your immune system’s best friend. Garlic has always been an integral component of ancient medicines and ointments. This is because it can support your body’s immune system and fight off infectious diseases like flu, influenza, and also the common cold.

Although it can also be consumed in the form of pills, some studies suggest consuming it raw as that has maximum benefits. You can have a clove as it is or also add it to your diet by incorporating it into your cooking. Garlic powder is also an excellent way of consuming Garlic. It can be added to salads, topped on dishes and it can also be used as a condiment.

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