Nigerian Lady Breaks Down in Tears as She Exposes Bestfriend of 11 Years Who Put Her Picture inside a Fetish Calabash (Video)


By Henry Iheanacho

A Nigerian lady has been captured in a video crying deeply after seeing her picture in a charm-filled calabash which she claimed was done by her bestfriend of 11 years.

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She exposed the said bestfriend while showing the calabash which contained her folded picture.

In the video, the victim expressed her shock over the incident while recounting how she has been treating the friend well and wishing her good things in life.

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“Na my picture you fold put inside Calabash? Jesus Christ. Wetin I do you? Why you do do me this kind thing? You can imagine. What did I ever do to you? Upon I take you as my bestfriend, na so you wan pay me for everything Kai. Jennifer.

You see this my picture wey you put inside this Calabash, anything wey be your plan no go work. God no go gree you know why? Because my hands are clean. Since 2010, you’ve been my friend, God knows I’ve been wishing you well”, she lamented.

Watch video below:

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