Residents Celebrate as Suspected Underage Yahoo Boy, “Smallie” Buys a new Toyota Venza (Video)

By Abraham

There is a video currently going viral on the internet showing the moment residents in Delta State trooped out to celebrate after a suspected underage yahoo boy bought a brand new Toyota Venza. The incident happened at a compound in Shell Road, Sapele in Delta State.

In the video, a person in the background could be heard calling and hailing him “Voltage Smallie” as Smallie is said to be the boy’s nickname.

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According to different reports, the little boy who looked to be within the age range of 12 to 14 years old bought the new Toyota Venza from the money he allegedly earned from scamming people.

While so many people wondered how a boy of his age got money to buy such a car, others applauded him for his achievement. One user stated that he has contacted the EFCC to look into the case and investigate the boy.

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