Trending Message to Nigerians from a Nigerian Living in the US Sparks Conversation 

A message to Nigerians, reportedly from a Nigerian living in the United States of America, is trending on Twitter and has started a conversation.

In the message, an anonymous US-based Nigerian asked Nigerians to stop cursing their country, then went on to give reasons why Nigeria is better than the US.

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The message reads:

“This is a message from a Nigerian living in the US, it’s worth sharing!


“1. If you don’t know how you are blessed, you will think your father’s farm is worse than your friend father’s farm.

“2. $1 is $500 and so what?

“3. Let me elucidate from my little experience. Can anyone in the US use $1 for breakfast? No!

“4. But in Nigeria, $500 will give you breakfast and lunch.

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“5.Majority of people’s monthly house rent (self contained apartment) in the USA is $1,000 and above… and that is your own 2 year’s rent.

“6. Have you ever paid for insurance before? Insurance in the US is $280 and that is almost $100,000 monthly.

“7. When last did you pay monthly phone bills? I pay almost $40,000 monthly and if I don’t, they are going to block my SIM. Your own MTN can be there for months without recharge.

“8. When last did you work on Saturday and Sunday?

“9. This I do compulsorily and on regular basis.

“10. Don’t get me wrong, the US is better than Nigeria, depending on which angle you are viewing it.”

The writer continued till they got to 22 points, stating why life is better in Nigeria than in the US.

Read the thread below.

They added that “many people in Nigeria live a more fulfilling life compared to their counterparts abroad” and most of the things we see on social media about a better life abroad is just “packaging.”

The message went viral, with some supporting the writer. Others opposed the post, while some concentrated on the part that says you can have breakfast and lunch in Nigeria for 500 Naira.

Below are some reactions.

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