Do U Guys Even Know What’s Fraud? – Wizkid’s Imposter, Wisekid Defends Himself after Being Called out for Music Fraud 

By Henry Iheanacho 



A young upcoming artiste Wisekid whose real name is Hosea Yohanna, has finally spoken after being accused of music fraud over his duplication of superstar singer, Wizkid’s album.

School Children Caught on Camera Beating up a Masquerade (Video)

Wisekid had been playing a fast one on many unsuspecting Wizkid fans on Apple music by uploading a replica of ‘Made in Lagos’ album, leading to a diversion of some traffic to himself.




To fool people in a cunning way, he named his own album “Lasgidi Made” with a replica tracklist off Wizkid’s album thereby hoodwinking unsuspecting music lovers.

According to Africa Facts, Wisekid has been raking in N30 million monthly off the album which has gone on to amass a total of 9.3 million streams since October 2020 that he uploaded the replicated ‘Lasgidi Made’.

An Artist named Wisekid has been making N30 million monthly since October 2020 by copying Wizkid’s music on Apple Music & Amazon.

“The People that Attacked Imo Are not IPOB. I Have Done my Investigation” Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma Says 

He released an album and named it Lasgidi Made, then copied the names of Wizkid’s songs & albums. Now he is getting a huge chunk of Wizkid’s streams. 

After being called out on the fraud, he deleted his Twitter account @wisekidaya and created a new one with username @wisekidayaa and tried to defend his action.




He wrote;

”ok you guys reported my account and started trending wisekid?

”And I heard a clown saying wizkid should sue me. do u guys even know what’s fraud??

”Did I answer same name with wizkid? Did I name my album made in Lagos?


”so I can’t have same song title with wiz?”


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