Why I Don’t Have a Female Friend

By Chinenye H.G Ofokansi

Photo credit: happenings.com.ng

When I was in the university, I came across ladies that don’t keep female friends.

These ladies had reasons, which were cogent to them, why they prefer male friends to female friends. When I interviewed one of them, see what she said:

” Men are mature in their thinking. Men hardly quarrel. You see 5 male students can comfortably squat in a room and you will hardly notice. But women, they are trouble-loaded creatures. It is hard for two women to live comfortably in a room.”

I quite agree with her on some points; but I know there are very good ladies out there, though very few.
Just yesterday, a thread on Twitter recounted the ordeal of a young lad while she was working in a hotel in Abuja, Nigeria.

Ethelda said one of the reasons she doesn’t have a single female friend was that after she lost her dad in 2013, she got a job to work as a waitress in one of the biggest hotels in Abuja. They were 18 waitresses altogether. They were up to 120 staff, mostly ladies.

Constant competition, quarrels and fights among the ladies were the order of the day. In order to curb misconduct of staff, a fine was mapped out for each misconduct. Quarrels – five thousand naira from each person; fighting – ten thousand naira from each person, which would be deducted from the offenders’ salary.

The owner of the hotel resides in the US with his family. When Ethelda won the prize of not arguing, not quarreling, not fighting for four consecutive months, her boss took notice of her and she became an idol amongst the staff; with much envy, jealousy and hatred from her colleagues. Any little thing she did would be an offence.

One day her boss chatted her up on Facebook; he does this with all his workers. He wanted to know why such a brilliant girl would be doing such a job. Ethelda narrated her story; her boss picked interest in her future – her education, and asked whether she could stay with his family in the United States. Ethelda accepted.

Arrangements were being made for Ethelda’s travelling, however, the news was all over her workplace. She didn’t know how. She had a very close friend and colleague whom she shared every detail of the US arrangements. Rumours everywhere. The rumours had it that she sleeps with the boss, the management staff and even customers.

The next thing Ethelda heard from the boss was that the trip had been cancelled, and that she knew why. Ethelda became depressed, lost focus and concentration in her job with customers leaving with their bills. Ultimately, she was sacked. That year she failed jamb and attempted suicide twice. She later got to know her problems streamed from her close friend and colleague – a female friend.

What do you think?

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