Dog Saves Another Dog from Drowning in Pool (Video)


By  Henry Iheanacho 


A dog is being hailed for its heroic act of saving another dog from drowning in a swimming pool.

In a video that has gone viral, a family’s pet dog nearly drowned after falling into a backyard pool when the owners weren’t home. Fortunately, another dog was around who noticed the problem and saved the day.

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The incident happened at a home in Boksburg City in South Africa, Southwest News Service (SWNS) reports.



Byron Thanarayen, the pets’ owner, told the news outlet that he and his wife were initially confused when they returned home and found the dogs wet.



“We tried to look for clues as to where he could have wet his head. We thought maybe he dipped his head in the water, but there was no mess in the house to support this suggestion,” he told SWNS.

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The family decided to check their security cameras, which is when they discovered that the smaller dog, Chuky, had fallen into the pool. Fortunately, the larger dog, Jessie, was nearby and worked to lift Chucky to safety.


Watch the video below:



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