Young Nigerian Lady Recounts Her Scary Experience with Her 67 Year Old Sugar Daddy 


By Abraham

A Nigerian lady has anonymously narrated a scary experience she had with a 67 year old man she once dated.

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The man had visited her and slept over at her house. According to the lady, she woke up at about 2am and saw the man wearing a black and red cloth and vanished after he tiptoed to the window.

She said that in the morning the man told her to either pretend as if she never saw anything or she dies if she speaks about it.

She wrote;

“I once dated a sugar daddy. He was 67 years old. He used to spoil me with money. One day he requested to come and have a sleepover at my house. That man was a witch.

As we were sleeping, he told me to sleep as tomorrow we were going to have a long day. My dear I prayed for a peaceful and well protected night.

At around, we went to the toilet. I woke up and saw him with a black and red cloth around his waist. I froze. He just tiptoed near the window and he disappeared.

I couldn’t even shout or move. I stayed still for almost one and half hours when he returned through the window, went straight to the bathroom and came to the bed.

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“Mummy are you asleep? I didn’t answer. He slept.

Early in the morning I climbed down from the bed, went to the sitting room and prayed for forgiveness and vowed never to date that man again. He came to the sitting room where I was praying and told me… It’s either I pretend not to have seen what has happened or die”.

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