Ladies: Here Are 4 Tips for an Odourless Vagina 


By Berlinda Entsie

Vaginas can never be completely odourless.

Keep hygiene around the vagina at a 100% everytime to avoid infections

It has a natural odour that epitomizes your personal feminine smell. It’s perfectly normal and also healthy to have a distinctive smell down under. To tell you a secret, the natural smell of your vag is also a turn on for the opposite sex.

But oftentimes due to a variety of factors the natural smell of the vagina turns into a foul stench. It’s not just embarrassing, but it’s also a cry for help coming from your vag. You need to take better care of her.

Starting from a yeast infection, periods, pregnancy to your everyday diet – a lot of things mess up the health of your vagina. Knowing the root cause of why she smells the way she smells is the first step towards having an odourless vagina.

A few changes in your everyday routine and following a simple hygiene schedule are all you need to have your vag odour free.

Watch your diet

You are what you eat. When you include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet you will notice a significant change in the way your vagina smells. Whole and organic greens have lots of minerals and vitamins that help you to have sound vaginal health. Leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, cabbage etc. in the form of salads and smoothies can help prevent vaginal dryness and promote better circulation

Stay hydrated

it can’t be stressed enough! Water is the most natural way to lubricate your vagina internally, thus diminishing the foul smell. Drink enough water so that every time you pee the stream looks clear to light. If it’s yellowish then you need to drink more water. However, if you are on a certain type of medication or antibiotics it can change the colour of your pee.

Get trimmed

In this age and time hair vs. no hair is no longer a universal debate. You don’t need to wax your vag, but keeping the bush trimmed, dry and clean is a must for attaining better vaginal health. The more hair you have down under the more it becomes a sanctuary for bacteria overgrowth which ultimately leads to a bad odour. It’s also become difficult to clean the area well if it’s not trimmed well.

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Choose the right kind of underwear fabric

We know the satins and lacy ones feel wonderful on the body, looks gorgeous, but it can also cause moisture to build up and restrict the airflow. While not every woman is equally sensitive when it comes to the fabric of the underwear, but if you are prone to develop yeast infections then cotton underwear is the best pick for you to keep the area dry and clean.

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