Man Narrowly Escapes Being Dealt with as His Lover’s Husband Returns Home Unannounced (Video)


By Henry Iheanacho

A CCTV has captured the moment a man was almost caught with another man’s wife in their home.

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The man and the lady he was cheating with were having a nice time when her husband arrived unannounced.

The secret lover then had to hide by the kitchen counter as the woman tried to distract her man, however, he sensed that something was off.

He started searching different parts of the house to see if he would find anything suspicious. There were times where it looked like he would nab his wife’s lover but he was lucky not to get caught.

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At a point, the husband went upstairs to check the room, and that presented a perfect moment for the lover who quickly snuck out through the door.

Watch the video below:

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