Joy as Naira Marley Finally Meets 4-year-old Girl Who Went Viral Dancing to his Song (Video)


By Henry Iheanacho

Nigerian singer, Naira Marley has finally met a little girl who went viral months ago after she impressed many with her dance steps in tune to his song.

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The singer had shared a video of the 4-year-old girl simply known as Darasimi as she busted cool dance moves while Koleyewon played. Impressed by her display, the singer expressed the desire to meet her.

Naira Marley has eventually seen the little fan and he took to Instagram to share one of their moments together.

The singer sat on a chair while the girl stood in his presence and gradually dropped some dance moves as the people around hailed her.

The ”Koleyewon” crooner was clearly impressed with the little girl and even held his head at some point when she did a particular move.

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He wrote: “so cute, her fav jam’s KOLEYEWON. Thanks for the gift @darasimi0330. Marlians4life.”

Watch the video:

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