Nigerian Man Screams “Jesus, Jesus” after Being Caught Red-handed trying to Meet a 15-year-old girl He Was Wooing in London (video)


A Nigerian man identified simply as “Jeff” has been caught red-handed while trying to meet up with a 15-year-old girl he was wooing in London.

Assault: Viral video of a Black Woman Narrating Her Ordeal in the Hands of Fellow Employee

The father of the girl who caught him in the act, accused the Nigerian man of harassing his daughter, getting her number and wooing her even when she told him that she is 15.

Infuriated by Jeff’s actions despite knowing that the girl is 15-years-old, her father accosted him while waiting for the minor after school and handed him over to the police thereafter.

In the video making rounds on social media, Jeff could be seen running around as he begged for mercy. He has also been identified as a Lamberth Parking Attendant.

Watch the video below……

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