US-returnee Cries out Over Butt Enlargement Complications after Visiting Dr Anu


By Henry Iheanacho

A Lady who reportedly returned to Nigeria from New York, USA has cried out for helping after visiting Dr. Anu for butt surgery.

According to the US-returnee, Dr Anu reportedly infected her with fat necrosis.

She made the revelation to Gist lovers blog, narrating how she came into the country, and had never heard any of the stories about Dr. Anu.

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Sharing her story with blogger, Gistlovers, she wrote: “Dr. Anu has done it again o. She has been in Abuja doing surgery and giving them infection. Dr. Anu gave me infection. Fat necrosis. I’m dying in Abuja. I live abroad, I live in New York. I didn’t know about Anu until I came down to Nigeria.”

“I haven’t been in Nigeria for 10 years. It was after the surgery I started hearing things about her.”

See the post below:

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