Smart Young Boy Saves Himself at Sea As He Swims With Plastic Bootles, Emotional Video Breaks the Internet


By  Joseph Omotayo

– The emotional video of a young boy trying to beat the tide as he swam with plastic bottles has made news –

To make it past a border in Spain, the kid made fast strokes in the water as he relied on the bottles – Many who reacted to the video said at least the swimmer put some of the plastics causing environmental hazards to good use

A desperate migrant boy has employed the use of waste plastic bottles to keep himself afloat in the water as he tried to beat security. In a short video shared by Sky News on Instagram, the boy formed a ring of bottles around his waist as he swam fiercely. The boy wears a pleading face in the video.

Photo source: @skynews Source: Instagram When the camera caught his face, he had a pleading look as he stretched his hands. The same media gathers that he was trying to reach the Spanish enclave called Ceuta.

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Within one hour that the video went live, it has gathered over 83,000 views and many comments on the platform. Watch the video below:

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