Wahala as Nigerian Lawyer Buys Bitcoin with Money Meant for US-based Client’s House 


By Henry Iheanacho

A Nigerian lawyer appears to have landed in hot water after he used a client’s money for a project other than what it was meant for.

The lawyer identified as @leoandrevic shared the story on a hypothetical note, narrating how the client who is based in US, sent money for the purchase of a duplex in Ikoyi, Lagos state.

According to him, the money was however, used to buy Bitcoin instead of purchasing the house in Lagos.

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He revealed that the client will be returning from US next week, and asked how someone in such a dicey situation can get themselves out of it.

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”For the lawyers that used client’s money to invest in crypto… what can they do?

Hypothetically, say they client is abroad, and sent USD for the lawyer to buy a duplex in Ikoyi, said USD was invested in crypto and client is coming in to sign next week please?” Leo wrote.

See his post:


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