Nigerian Medical Doctor Convinced His House is Haunted by a Female Ghost

Nigerian medical doctor convinced his house is haunted by a female ghost takes to Twitter to share ‘proof’ of her presence

A medical doctor took to Twitter to complain about a “female ghost” that’s in his house and uses his things.

Dr Maxvayshia said the ghost slams his door, uses his shower, cleans her body with his towel, and also wipes her makeup on his clean T-shirts.

He shared a photo of one of his T-shirts smeared with what appears to be makeup.

He then issued a warning to the ghost, writing: “I don’t know what u are all about. U may have inhabited this place as a Doc or Nurse before u died and before i got this job but HEY, i’m the owner of this apartment now. You don’t get to do what u want…”

Some of his followers found his post funny but he said it wasn’t and retweeted posts from other Twitter users sharing their encounter with ghosts.

Dr Maxvayshia seems to believe so much in the supernatural as this isn’t the first time he has tweeted about ghosts.

Back in 2020, he shared a thread, narrating his encounter with a ghost while sleeping over at a colleague’s house (read here).

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