6 Foods to Avoid During your Period 


Period cramp is one of the most painful feelings that exist in a woman’s world.

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As much as there are things that can be done or eaten to reduce the pain, there are those that contribute to the intensity of the pain and should be avoided as much as possible.

Here are 6 of such things.

· Alcohol

You’re free to eat or drink whatever you crave during your period but at all cost please avoid alcohol. Aside from dehydrating you, a hangover is not something you will like to give permission to torment you with period cramps.

· Avoid Caffeinated drinks

Caffeine increases estrogen levels in your body during your period and can worsen cramps. Drinking caffeinated drinks before or during your period causes the narrowing of your blood vessels, also known as vasoconstriction, which worsen period cramps. No matter how much you crave such drinks during your period, girl, avoid them.

· Spicy foods

Ladies, you all know period poop is the most painful bowel activity that exists in the history of excretion. As such, any type of food that can cause it should be avoided. Most importantly, if spicy foods do not usually sit well with your stomach, it will be best to avoid them during your period.

· Avoid sugary foods

Sugar is the menstrual period’s most popular enemy. Eating sugary foods or sweets does not only increase period pains, but also contributes to mood swings. Yes, mood swings! It can cause mood fluctuations which can lead to anxiety and depression in extreme cases hence you should either regulate its intake or avoid it totally.

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· Avoid dairy products

It’s not a crime to have a sweet tooth but you might want to avoid cheese, ice cream, and all diary-based products during your period. Most, if not all, of these products are high in arachidonic acid which makes period cramps worse. I’d skip that ice cream if I were you.

· Cold water

There’s really no scientific evidence against the intake of cold water or cold drinks during periods. However, prostaglandins – which are chemicals in the body that contribute to the shedding of the uterus walls to result in menstrual flow – can cause sharp period pains at high levels. It is necessary for you to study your body and take note of how it reacts to cold foods during your period and act accordingly.

In order not to be in the black books of period pains, eat fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to your normal meals and drink lots of water, and you’ll be fine in all of those five or so seven days of every month. Wink.

By Efua Eshun

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