Yoruba Nation Protesters Storm Ojota Despite Heavy Security Presence


By Henry Iheanacho

Hundreds of protesters on Saturday morning, stormed the Gani Fawehinmi Park in Ojota, Lagos, as part of the Yoruba Nation protest scheduled to hold today.

There was heavy security positioned at strategic locations of the state, but this did not deter the demonstrators from coming out.


The men, women and youths putting on Yoruba nation regalia, waved Oduduwa Republic flags, banners and placards while chanting pro-secession mantras.

14-year-old Trader Killed as Police Shoot Live Bullets at Yoruba Nation Agitators in Lagos

”We can no longer tolerate the invasion of our farmlands and rape of our daughters. No going back,” a female protester said at the venue.


“Oduduwa Nation- No going back

Igboho- Osha!!” Another demonstrator yelled.


Yoruba Nation agitator Sunday Igboho has been holding rallies across southwestern states for the past weeks but authorities sternly warned him against staging a protest in Lagos.

His residence in Ibadan was in the wee hours of Thursday invaded by state actors who killed two persons and arrested 12 others. Some properties were either destroyed or carted away as exhibits.

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