Reactions as Choir Sings Dorime at a Church in Port Harcourt (Video)


By Henry Iheanacho

A video making rounds online shows the moment members of a church in Port Harcourt, Rivers state were being serenaded with a now-famous club tune, Dorime.

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Dorime is a song which is usually played in Nigerian clubs and at parties whenever a grand entry of some sort is being made.

In the video, the church choir could be heard singing the song as the congregation looked on in silence.

The act has sparked mixed reactions on social media with some saying singing dorime in a church is unacceptable, while others noted that the song was originally composed as a church hymn.

Watch the video:

Read some comments below..

ricky1new; He say one for the pastor, one for the ministers , two for the remaining church members

ayam_nene; Heard it’s a Latin Christian hymn

funnybruno_comedian; Na church song now

julietdiplomat; This song is for everybody especially those who give donations in church 😂😂😂😂

ladyque_1; This country na cruise 😂😂😂😂

fiissaayyoo; What can not happen in Nigeria does not exist 😂

opsyswagger; End time is near inside church 😮😮

hc_dolls; Not funny, there are limits to everything 🥺

orfega007; Na hymn song normally na

Trending video: Government Warned Us not to Go after Bandits – Policeman

kuntaakinte_; The composer of dorime actually said the words in the song are actually not of any language. So it is actually meaningless. You can google it if u feel the need to argue

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  1. Maria Nnadi says:

    Cool stuff you got here, dude


    1. Hyacinth says:

      Thanks alot


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