Trending video: Government Warned Us not to Go after Bandits – Policeman


By Henry Iheanacho 


Some officers of the Nigeria Police have decried an alleged neglect by the authorities, saying they sent them out without arms and ammunition to face criminals.



In a trending video, one of the policemen lamented that the government and police authorities seemed to be culpable as they warned them not to engage the bandits.

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“Enough is enough. They are playing politics with people’s lives. They took us into this bush without armour, without ammunition. We are to comb this particular area within the twinkle of seconds (sic). How many bandits are in this bush?


“How many bandit leaders are inside this bush? These big men are eating (sic) money up there. They are even saying we should not go after them (the bandits). I am not afraid. I am not a coward,” the policeman said in the video.


Watch the video:



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