Food For Thought

Out of 6,944,368 students who wrote JAMB’s UTME this year, only 973,384 passed,while 5,970,984 failed.

What that means is that 14% passed, while
86% failed. This is indeed the poorest in the history of JAMB exam in Nigeria.

I am not surprised. What do we expect when the passion for education is dying and the passion to ‘hammer’ and be a slay queen/king is what is driving this generation?

What do you expect when teenagers who are supposed to dedicate their time to reading books and learning morals are now busy on social media 24 hours looking for either a date, how to defraud others or get many followers on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

The parental institution that represents the first agents of socialization, learning and control must not fail. We must get back on track & get our traction back in full gear.

The society that ought to encourage people to study has failed, the religious institutions that out to preach moral rectitude are now interested in how to make money and celebrate those who ‘made it’ regardless of how.

What do we expect from a society that celebrates money and material things more than integrity and excellence?

This is a bad omen for our education.
The correction must start from all of us.

It’s time we start a new campaign with our children and teach them that:👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Let us teach them that they can not make a career out of Social Media.

Let us teach them that regardless of the flight by night emergency ‘wealth’ of the Yahoo boys all around, 👇🏼
*”The future belongs to those who prepare today”*(Barack Obama)

Let’s let them know that they who ‘hammer’ by wrong means will not be their Governors, Ministers, President, Parliamentarians, Corporate Board gurus etc.

Let’s educate our children that this ’emergency hammer tribe’ will need doctors and other health professionals to manage their health, Lawyers, Engineers, Teachers to teach their children, bankers, economists and all classes of Professionals.

Let our children be persuaded that those who prepare for their future will laugh last and laugh best.

For example, they who claim that “education is a scam, school is scam” put their children in the best & most expensive Schools once they hit the money. Tell them to check out where Fashola\(Naira Marley)’s kids are.
Let them know that ‘Naira Marley’ himself is a university graduate.
They visit the best & most expensive hospitals, stay in beautiful structures designed by the best Architects, built by the best Engineers.
They ride expensive autos built by mechanical engineers.
Their emergency money is in custody of bankers., etc.

In other words, those who go to School today will be the final receivers of the loot of the scammers tomorrow – but in LEGAL, LEGITIMATE & SAFE ways.

Dear Parents, let’s start TODAY and help secure their future.

WASSCE & NECO are just around the corner ahead.
Let’s fan the learning fire back to life in our children NOW.

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