Heartbreaking Video of Student Being Mocked by his Teachers Because He Used Rice Sack as School bag (Watch)


By Henry Iheanacho

A video which has sparked outrage online captures the moment some teachers of a yet-to-be known school were mocking an SS3 student for using rice sack as school bag.

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The boy known as Yusuf, was told to kneel down and the teachers subjected him to demeaning mockery. They laughed and insulted the boy while questioning him.

A voice in the background explained that when he was brought to school, he was ashamed and did not want to come down from the car.

Someone tried to remove the bag from his back but others discouraged the person from doing so and said that they would take the student to the principal like that.

Nigerians have condemned the act and some have called for the teachers to be identified and laid off.

Watch the video:

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