Man Opens Restaurant Where Homeless People can come in and Eat for Free 


By Henry Iheanacho

A young man has warmed his way into the hearts of people following the the social intervention scheme he introduced through a business he set up.

Derrick Walton who was at a point in his life homeless, opened a restaurant that the homeless can go to every Monday and eat for free.

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He said those types of people in society always feel alone and unloved.

Sharing his story, the entrepreneur stated that he made some poor decisions in the past as which plunged him into a life of addiction. But his life changed when a restaurant manager believed in him well enough to offer him a job.

On how he landed the job, he said: “Just before I was going to give up, on that 10th day, and I’ll never forget it, I went to a Greek restaurant in downtown Detroit.

I met with a gentleman, I told him, ‘Look I’ve made a lot of poor choices and decisions in my life.’ I said, ‘I’m not looking for a handout,’ I said, ‘but if you give me an opportunity or a chance, I won’t let you down. I’m a great cook’.”

He said he worked hard at the job and was able to save enough money to open his own pizza shop.

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On each Monday, Derrick would close his shop to the paying public so the homeless can have a variety of free food. Volunteers have since joined in his kind gesture and they always weekly organise vehicles to transport the homeless to the restaurant.

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