Insecurity: Nigerians Enraged over Enlistment of 10-year-old Boy into Vigilante Group in Katsina


By Henry Iheanacho

Nigerians have trooped to social media platforms to vehemently condemn the enlistment of a little boy into a vigilante group set up to protect communities against bandits and insurgents in the northern part of the country.

Reports emerged recently detailing how Bello Abdulkadir, a 10-year-old boy was recruited into a local vigilante in Katsina state.

The boy was said to have been trained in the handling of guns to be used for self defence.

Bello was then enlisted into the Safana vigilante in Safana Local Govenment Area of Katsina.

A photo of the underage boy holding a gun surfaced online and sparked outrage.


Reacting, Nigerians berated the group of persons responsible for depriving the boy of his innocence. Many noted how he ought to be in school and not being trained to be on the battle field, especially considering how education in the north is on a huge decline following school kidnappings and other challenges.

@honilatte_ said; Child soldiers too? There’s nothing impossible in the north.

@femistorystory wrote; This is the saddest thing I have seen in a while. No to child soldiers. No to child vigilantes. Hopefully the people who tolerated this can learn to fix this anomaly! Sad sad thing.

@wemimog1; Are kidding me? This one pass Child Soldiers. This one is Child Vigilante. Guinness book of records loading.

@Naijadailyfeedx; They converted almajiri to child soldier, smh

@iAmWyenom; Sad! That police man is there looking cool and all without a care as to what is going on with the kid. He’s probably never held a gun in all his service years in the force.

@Tauhid_Walker; Very unacceptable the same way primary school students are being initiated in the south nowadays too. This thing will boomerang in our faces soon

@maxkells; Gun’s almost taller than the kid. Young man should be in school and not have to worry about shooting someone or being shot!

@FabunmiAdeyemi; This boy must be an Almajiri because no responsible parent will allow their child to be abuse like this.

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@ONikhua; This is beyond unacceptable and all shades wrong.

@GudSoccer; This is sad, a child doesn’t deserve this

@wrotayo; Somebody that should still be learning. It wouldn’t surprise many if he grows up to kill without sympathy.

@leyon4me; This is aw they recruit child soldier for Boko Haram and bandits.

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@Yemi_dudu; Most Northerners who are irrational will justify it. Arewa will defend it. That’s why I think we should split North from South. This is what I condemned about a 13yr old driving truck. If this boy kills indiscriminately what would u charge him for. A Minor wedging weapon.

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