Shocking Videos of Nigerian Migrants Being Tortured By Suspected Human Traffickers in Libya


By Thandiubani


Nigerians looking for greener pastures in other countries have been spotted being tortured in Libya. 



Shocking videos have exposed Nigerian migrants being tortured by suspected human traffickers.


The video was shot in Libya.


The videos were reportedly filmed by the traffickers known as “Burgers” in Libya, seeking ransom money from the families of their captives. 


A Libya-based Nigerian woman, Kate Monday, who posted the videos claimed that the horrific torture happened in Sabha, a city in southwestern Libya, approximately 640 kilometres south of Tripoli.



One footage shows a man being whipped as he begged his family to “pay the money” 


In another one, a helpless young man with burns, cuts and bruises across his faces, arms, torsos and legs, is seen being tortured with knife by a faceless man.

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“Abeg, I don call my mummy. I don call my mummy for Nigeria. Abeg, my mummy go find the money. They don kill me mummy” he cries. 


A young woman is seen in another video screaming in pain as she is being flogged. 


“Abeg o. Help me. I don die. Abeg o. Help me oh. I don die .” she kept saying.


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