Fun-loving Nigerian Parents Play Indoor Games with Their Kids to Choose between Fried Rice or Beans (Video)

By Henry Iheanacho

A Nigerian couple have engaged their kids in some entertaining indoor games in order to decided which meal to eat between beans and fried rice.

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In a video which was shared online, the parents could be seen playing two sets of games with the children.

The first was a popular ”Who Is In The Garden” nursery game and it entailed the mum and dad standing on opposite sides and clapping each other’s palms as the kids ran round them.

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The dad then asked them to choose which they like between fried rice which is his wife’s favourite and beans – which is his favourite. The mum won the first round as she had more kids.

The second round was a Tug Of War and the kids who were on either side had to hold the parent they chose as they battled it out.

Watch the video:

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