Trending video: Taliban Fighters Filmed Playing Like e Kids at a Gym in the Afghan Presidential Palace (Video)

By Henry Iheanacho

A video making rounds online shows the moment some Taliban fighters took over the presidential palace in Afghanistan and were exercising for fun in the gym.

Taliban Fighters Whip Women And Children at Kabul Airport for Trying to Flee the Country (Photos)

Recall that the extremists took over the country last week, causing the president, Ashraf Ghani to flee after agreeing to a handover deal.

In the trending, the Taliban could be seen having fun as they tried out different gyming equipment, laughing and smiling.

Watch the video;

— News For All (@NewsForAllUK) August 17, 2021

See some reactions…

I KNEW that was a rocket launcher but I couldnt believe my fugging eyes! Like what the hell?!

— 1-876-NYA-MOUT📞 (@JamaicaLaughs) August 17, 2021

Like kids in a candy shop.

— Major Gen. Oluchi 📊🪙 🐐 (@General_Oluchi) August 17, 2021

Free rocket launcher if you join this month.

— Wham (@WhamHideout) August 17, 2021

FC Qarabag play Tottenham in the conference league and get to use the gym at white hart lane.

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