Moment Marine Officer Guarding White House ‘Professionally’ Fled When Thunder Struck (Video)


By Henry Iheanacho 


A video which has gone viral on social media captures the reaction of a Marine Sentry standing guard at the White House when thunder struck.


He could be seen standing perfectly still at the main entrance doo up unti thunder struck with a flash of lightning.


The officer initially stayed put for a few seconds but after a moments thought he then did the retrieval march, opened the door and went inside hurriedly.



Netizens found the scene hilarious and have been reaction on social media.


Watch the video:




@Zeekr0n wrote; The most professional “nope, I’m out” the world will ever see


@FelHenderson; Such a smooth strut through the door he ceremoniously opened for himself. A very professional “peace out.”


@ruby_roubaix; love the way he formally opens the door for himself.


@byeeitsjanea; i’ve never seen a more professional “fuvk this shiit i’m out”




@AnnetteStMartin; Best “I’m out of here” I’ve ever seen. Even downthe official opening of the door for ‘just’ himself. Brilliant!



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