If my Husband Falls Terribly Ill and Can No Longer Provide, I will Find a New Man -Young Lady Says

By Henry Iheanacho

A young lady has said that she has said that if her future husband ever gets sick and can no longer work or provide for her, then she’ll leave him and look for another man.

She said that though she has a degree, she has no intention of working because she wants to be a housewife who will be taken care of by her husband.

The woman spoke on BK Chat LDN, a YouTube series which gathers UK youths of opposite sex in a room and gets them to discuss topical issues about relationship, love and marriage.

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When asked if what she’ll do if her husband gets sick and can no longer provide for her, the lady said she will go for another man.

Watch the video:

Read some comments below..

@BaronHomes; Is it a black girl mentality thing, cos I know real independent classy black women..

@Mz_Dazlyn; After you people will be coming for Naija girls when they talk… Shey una de see the one wey pass Naija women… this one is beauty and no brains… wasted conception. So you wan pack degrees for no reason…

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