Drama as UNN Student Walks up to Lecturer During Class and Offers him Weed to Smoke (Video)


By Henry Iheanacho

There was a shocking and dramatic incident at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, UNN, which involves a lecturer and student who appeared to be high.

The lecturer was teaching students at the University stadium when the unknown student who was smoking weed walked up to the lecturer and offered it to him.

Students watched in disbelief as he kept offering the lecturer who declined. Another student then walked to him and tried to get him to leave the environment as he was creating an dramatic scene.

Watch the video below:

Some Reactions :

@_adah_olisah said; What if it was your dad that another student did this to?

This is disrespectful!!

pretty_petite_thing_; Very disrespectful. Very very disrespectful.

cindy_total_weightloss; In his mind na , na big boy o😂😂😂 ode

fiokee; He’s on another frequency. To him right now , everybody be like ant 😂

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ozor_iyanga_iii; We learn about bad things, and multiple it. With the crop of students making the headlines these days, including but not limited to public display of wealth by supposed students within the campus, prostitution at all levels, and drug addiction – everyone should be concerned.

ybn_lerry; E get some student wey don graduate but them never still graduate ….only legends will understand….if you don gerrit that’s your problem 🌚👽👽

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