Nigerians Organise Emergency Deliverance for Serial Thief after He Was Caught Stealing again (Video)


By Henry Iheanacho

A notorious thief was caught stealing for the umpteenth time and rather than punish him, residents chose to organise a special prayer session to deliver him.

He was said to have invaded an estate to steal and was caught in the act.

He has reportedly been caught stealing on several occasions, so people who caught him decided to do deliverance for his life to change.

In a video shared online, the thief could be seen kneeling down as the estate security man prayed for him while people in the background echoed; Amen!

Watch the video


thenature00000 said; Aww, and God will answer his prayers.

l.tobiloba; I’m sure he’s been beaten to stupor before this, but how will this prayer session stop him from going back to steal ?

latti_ronaldo; He’s one of his gang, na scope he dey use


tufab; Make the Pastor check him pocket. Him phone for don disappear as he dey talk Thief no more


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