Nigerian Lady in Viral SMAN photo of her Boyfriend Eating Alone While She Watched with a ‘Sad Face ’ Finally Shares the Real Story


By Henry Iheanacho

A photo went viral months ago during the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria trend, and it showed a man eating food at a restaurant while his girlfriend who did not have food in front of her, watched him eat with a look of sadness on her face.

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The lady in the photo has now come out to identify herself and share the real story behind the viral picture.

The young woman known on Twitter as @FulaniIgbo, said contrary to people’s thoughts that her man refused to buy food for her, he actually did.

According to her, she took hers in a takeaway pack, but being that her man wanted to eat his own there, she had to wait for him to be done.

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The lady said that she did not know who took the picture, neither did she know they were being watched until the photo surfaced online.

She further revealed that people have been using it to tease and mock her because they did not know the real story.

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