Father Grants His 3-year-old son’s Wish by Taking him to Work and Dressing Him like site Manager (See Photos)


A young man identified as Will Rudd, who works as a site manager, has revealed that he fulfilled his son’s wish of following him to work someday.

He took to LinkedIn and shared adorable photos of his three-year-old son dressed for work and took him to the site.

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Will revealed that they always passed by his workplace whenever he took him to his school. Each time, the young child would ask his dad if can build houses with him.

One day, the father gave his little boy a chance, dressed the kid in a site jacket and helmet. He revealed that the kid was so excited by the opportunity.

He added that the boy was specially given an ID badge and paid a wage for the day. Rudd stated that the three-year-old wanted to spend the whole money he made on toys.

Will wrote; ”Everyday I drop my 3yr old son off Will at nursery, we have to drive past my site and he Always asks can he build houses with me. So today I gave him a quick tour of the office and he was over the moon to be a builder like his dad.

Now dad, mum and son all work for EQUANS UK & Ireland. He got his ID badge and even got his wages and wanted to spend them at smyths toys

😂 #workexperience #earnmoney Rebecca Simpson”

See more pictures:

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