Police Officers Harass, Arrest LASU Students for “Looking like Drug Peddlers” [Video]


By Henry Iheanacho

A female student of Lagos State University (LASU) and some other students of the institution were recently harassed and arrested on the allegation that they looked like drug peddlers.

In a video shared by Instablog9ja, a female officer identified as Okocha Love, and her colleagues reportedly harassed and claimed the were peddling drugs in Lagos during a stop-and-search.

The victim shared the story, saying; “They stopped the cab I was in along Ayobo road. I actually thought the driver was stopped because of his tinted glasses or maybe they wanted to check his papers. When we stopped, the police officers said they want to search our boxes.

We told them they couldn’t search our boxes without a search warrant. The police officer said she had every right to search us. She said we resembled those who peddled drugs. I opened my box and they saw power bank, my clothes and other personal items in it.

When they were done searching, they still said we should follow them to their station even after they found nothing on us. We refused to follow them and they started dragging our shirts. I struggled with them for fear that they’ll arrest us for a crime we didn’t commit. I was taken to Ayobo police station and was beaten in the cell. Police brutality needs to stop.”

Watch the video :

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