President Buhari Honors Rivers State Man, Joe Blackson, Who Died after Rescuing 13 People from a River and Drowned While Attempting to Rescue the Last Person (photos)


President Buhari has presented a posthumous award to a Nigerian man, Joe Blankson, who died on July 28, 2018, after rescuing thirteen persons and was about to rescue the 14th person when he drowned in Rivers state.

Joe was widely celebrated after the tragic incident for his heroic gesture.

On Thursday, September 30, President Buhari presented a posthumous award to his wife and two children.

Posting photos from the award ceremony on social media, President Buhari wrote;

”On Thursday night at the State House, we honored the memory of Joseph Blankson, a true Nigerian hero, who lost his life while saving others following a boat accident on the Abonnema-Bakana waterway in Rivers State, on July 28, 2018.

Blankson successfully rescued 13 persons, and tragically drowned while attempting the 14th rescue. He was the sole casualty of the boat accident.

I presented a posthumous Presidential Special Award for Bravery and Patriotism to his wife, Mercy, and his two children, in recognition of the greatness and heroism of their husband and father.

We will continue to celebrate the best of Nigeria and Nigerians, as we work for and look forward to a better, brighter and greater Nigeria.”

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