Viral Video of Little Girl Preaching Repentance in a Public Bus


By Henry Iheanacho

A video which has gone viral on social media shows a little girl preaching inside a commercial bus in the hope of winning souls for Christ.

The incident reportedly occurred in Ghana and the outspoken young girl amazed many when she went into a commercial bus popularly called ‘trotro’ to preach the gospel.

A passenger recorded the video which was shared on social media platforms, prompting many netizens to share their thoughts on it.

According to TroTro Diaries, the little girl was captured talking about the common lifestyles lived by young people that the word of God does not approve of and people need to change from.

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Watch the video HERE

Viral video of little girl preaching in a trotro.

Read some comments below..

Eben Nana Yaw said: Such a little girl giving the word of God and some elderly ones in the trosky were just laughing. They couldn’t even respond Amen when the lady ended…. Hmmm God have mercy.

Mhis Efya; I prefer she preach about salvation and how to know God by ourselves and loving him as well that is the major key of life ..most of us know God but we don’t love him …there is far diff between knowing him and loving him little gal pls teach us to know more about God the jeans wearing and the dressing aspect u too young to start that way don’t end up insulting forgetting yaself that u need to teach us rather to love God

Nobademe David Sonliedeo: Why? Why? Is it only in Africa that needs God. Religion grow in Poverty by causing fear n panic. A child that’s suppose to be playing with toys is thought how to blackmail others. If Social service support was strong in Ghana they should have take the child away from the parents because they can’t raise a child

Watch the video:

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