Nigerian ”Big Girl” Exposed for Pretending to be Driving Her Car During Live video Whereas She Was Just a Passenger (Watch)


By Henry Iheanacho

Some people often advise newcomers and old timers on social media not to be deceived by many of the things portrayed online.

This is because, some influencers portray fake lifestyles, and show off a well-tailored lie to suit their narrative of being a ”big shot”.

Well, a Nigerian lady who is popular on TikTok, has been exposed for pretending that she was driving her car during a live video session on social media.

In a video which is making rounds online, she was acting as if she was driving the car as she faced the camera toward her face and sang along to Flavour’s song, Levels, while moving her hand in a way that will suggest she was the driver.

But another passenger who was in the same car, recorded her from the back and it became obvious that she was just in the front passenger seat.

Watch video:

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