Lady Recounts Experience after Escaping Den of Ritualists (Video)


Young lady narrates her horrific experience after being reportedly kidnapped by ritualists who intended to take her life.


By IsmailJan

Lady narrates encounter after escaping ritualist’s den (Video)

The lady narrated that her predicament started when she boarded the wrong keke and ended up at an unknown location.


In her narration, she saw the lifeless bodies of other young ladies and it triggered her miraculous escape.


“I was attacked by ritualists by entering a wrong keke. They took me to a place I don’t know. I saw many girls wish have be killed so I started crying and praying for help.

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That was how they started biting me because I was shouting and praying,, so they continue biting me very hard but I refuse to stop praying.

Suddenly the oga told the boys biting me that am a bad luck to them. That was how they took me out and even gave me 5k for transport.

My brothers and sisters it can only be God. Please help me to thank Him.”


Watch the video below …

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