16-year-old Boy Flies out after Being Hired as Senior Web Developer by Italian Company 

By Henry Iheanacho


A 16 year old Nigerian boy identified as John Oseni has secured employment in Italy as a Senior Web Developer.

The brilliant kid graduated from Command Day Secondary School, Akure in 2021 and had joined a Web Development training center while he was a student.

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Two years after Oseni became a programmer, he has been recognised and hired by an Italian company that poached him from Nigeria to Italy.

He recounted the start of his journey at the age of 14 when he had just a 2GB RAM big laptop up to how Flywallet in Roma, Italy hired him to be a Blockchain Developer in the firm.



Taking to his LinkedIn page, Oseni shared photos of the moment he flew out of Nigeria and revealed that it was his first time entering an airplane.


In his words; ”Like everyone will say, *There is a first time for everything in Life*??,

My first time entering a plane, No body expected such vast growth from me,


Even my parents are surprised that it could come to this,

Again I got into the tech space last year and thank God I’ve grown a little,

In all what I wanna say is everyone can achieve more than this..,

Even at a very very younger age and all?

My advice for everyone is Trust God, Trust the process, Pray always, learn new things everyday, Solve a problem and every other thing follows,


All thanks to God, my parents, mentors and those who I’ve helped to the little I’ve gotten today,


Once again God first..??”




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