Man Shares His Daily Life as a House Husband While his Wife Provides (Watch video)

A young Caucasian man has stirred a debate on social networking service, Twitter about gender roles in a home.

By Henry Iheanacho

The guy known as Hunter revealed that he is a stay-at-home husband and his wife identified as Maya is a working-class woman.


He shared a video on TikTok showing his daily life as a house husband and how he takes care of the home when his wife is busy with work.


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In the clip Hunter posted, he disclosed that be buys her breakfast with her own, being that it’s the least he can do since Maya is the one who works hard to provide for the family.


According to him, some people mock him by saying he is not a real man because he is unemployed, but he is not bothered because he sees taking care of the home as a job.

Meanwhile, journalist, David Hundeyin who reposted the video, said he is not comfortable with the concept of a woman working while her husband remains dependent.

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He wrote; ”Bruh. I have to say, a physically and mentally able adult man being materially dependent on a woman long-term is not something I agree with.

We didn’t evolve 48-60% more upper body strength and avg. 33% more lower body strength than women so they could support us. Nope. No.”


Watch the video below:



The viral video saw netizens sharing differing views on the matter with some people surprisingly taking Hunter’s side


@Ada_Agina; The man doesn’t have a job. So what should he be doing all day long? Watching “The Kardashians?” Gender roles are not ordained—they were created by people. One doesn’t use the s.x organ to bake cakes or operate the washing machine.


@XceptionalDAViD; If he isn’t doing anything but depends on his wife for everything, then I have a very big problem with that. But if he’s doing a remote job that he could work from home and still do home chores then it’s fine with me.


@akahomepeter; biological conditioning was a necessity for survival. in a world where automation mediates all production, what will that body strength mean going forward? following evolution theory, the sexes will adapt to environmental conditions.

@birthwrita; But what does upper body strength and lower body strength have to do with sitting at a desk and working? Work nowadays is more mental than physical, so if your significant other is smarter would you be okay with depending on her, at least short-term?

@5Linus; Exactly, to think some youths sees this as normal. Come to Abuja and see something, portfolio jobbers depending on working class women for a living. Tueh.



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