Terrifying Moment Aggressive Dog Attacked Man and Dragged him onto Busy Road (video)


A man walking his pet dog was pulled into a busy road when he was attacked by another aggressive dog in the street.

Police in the UK, have seized the attacking dog and arrested a 53-year-old man after the violent street attack which occurred on Tuesday evening, Sept. 19.

CCTV footage from Handsworth Road in Sheffield United Kingdom shows a man holding his small, black pooch in the air as the larger animal attacked it.


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The attacking dog – a Bullmastiff-type breed – runs around the man in an attempt to get at his pet. When it is unable to reach the pet, it turns on the owner, attacking his arms and legs.

The shocking video then shows the dog clamping down on the man’s arm and dragging him off the pavement into a busy road. He falls hard onto the road but gets up quickly to protect his pet.

Eventually, a passing red car pulls up to distract the attacking dog and this allows the dog owner to escape.





The man’s arm was bitten and he also suffered chest wounds, but none were said to be life-threatening or altering.

The loose dog responsible for the attack, which took place around 5.40pm on Tuesday, Sept. 19, was seized by the police. Cops have confirmed that a man, 53, had also been arrested in connection with the incident.






South Yorkshire Police said: “The man received serious injuries to his arm and chest but these are not thought to be life-changing or life-threatening. Officers trapped the dog – a bull mastiff-type dog – in a contained area and were eventually able to seize it and safely remove it from the location. A 53-year-old man from Sheffield has now been arrested on suspicion of having a dangerous dog out of control and remains in police custody at this time as enquiries continue.”




Watch the video below.


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