The Dangers And Consequences Of Over-speeding While Driving


It is illegal to drive over the speed limit as deemed “safe” by way of reasonable regard to traffic conditions. Driving over the speed limit at any rate can be extremely dangerous to the driver, passenger(s), and other road users. Although it may not always be at the top of your mind on a routine outing, it is however, important to always pay attention to your speed on the road. Over-speeding can not only result in crashes, but the driver or responsible party can also face serious legal consequences.


Why is over-speeding dangerous?


Over-speeding not only refers to driving over the posted speed limit, it can also include other behaviours such as driving too fast for road conditions such as in rainy conditions or any other inclement weather, driving carelessly through construction zones, or very bad roads.



The most common dangers caused by over-speeding include but are not limited to the following:


• Increased occurrence of rollover accidents.

• Increased potential for loss of control as a driver.

• Higher severity of the crash, if an accident does occur.

• Reduction in the amount of distance needed to safely stop a vehicle.

• Reduced reaction time.

• Over-speeding can also lead to frequent speeding tickets and increased fines from the authorities.

• Increased wear and tear on your vehicle, and increased fuel costs as well.


Why do drivers over-speed?


Many people over-speed, often for reasons unrelated to aggressive behaviour. Certain reasons that play into why drivers over-speed include traffic congestion, running late, youthful exuberance, as well as simple disregard for the law.


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Frustration while driving through traffic can increase a driver’s aggressiveness and result in over-speeding. Drivers frustrated by traffic tend to change lanes frequently or express road rage toward other drivers.


Running Late


Running late for work, meetings, school, appointments, or other activities is common and can be a big factor in why drivers over-speed. However, it is better to arrive late and in one piece than early and otherwise. Besides, you are already late; moving around speedily when late in a highly congested city like Lagos for example – with the hope of arriving at your intended destination on time – is akin to planting today and expecting to harvest the very next day! No matter what you do, once you’re late – YOU’RE LATE! Nothing you do matters, and nothing can either salvage or change your situation. And this begs the question – why are you in a hurry to be late?


Disobeying the law


Many drivers over-speed without showing any signs of aggressiveness or road rage. Over-speeding might simply be a result of one’s personal driving style or what’s commonly referred to as “having a heavy foot”, or not wanting to drive according to the law due to one’s own personal agenda and not really the desire to get somewhere quicker.


Accidents Caused By Speeding


In the world, nearly a third of all car crashes are a result of over-speeding. When speeding excessively, the driver has less time to react to other drivers on the road and or road conditions. There are many common accidents related to high speed, which includes:


• Head-on collisions.

• Failing to yield.

• Failure to stop.

• Side collisions.

• Rear-end collisions.

• Intersection crashes.

• Accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists.

• High speeds also increase the severity of injury and fatality rates and cause excessive property damage compared to accidents where speed may not have been a factor.


Safety Tips To Avoid Crashes Caused by Speeding


It is easy to mindlessly forget the speed limit, or to become frustrated and aggressive while on the road. To avoid accidents or other dangers caused by over-speeding, please keep the following tips in mind:




Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. It is better to commence your journey or regular commute earlier than later, so you’ll have extra time to get to places. This would undoubtedly reduce your inclination/need to speed.

Be patient; while other drivers on the road may frustrate or even infuriate you, actively focus on keeping your cool so that you and others can arrive at your, and their destinations safely.


Legal Consequences of Over-speeding


The consequences of over-speeding vary widely depending on the circumstance. He or she may incur fines by way of receiving speeding ticket(s) or could even lead to one’s licence being revoked especially in first-world countries where there’s more of an in-depth speed-monitoring of the general public via the use technology.

In some cases, you may be asked to attend mandatory Psychological Evaluation to ascertain the reason as to why you were over-speeding (just pray make Road-Safety no ever do you strong tin I swear).

As discussed, please always bear in mind that it is better to arrive late than never. Do drive carefully and safely. Thanks for reading.


Source : Autohub


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