How The Nysc Orientation Camp Has Been Turned To A Business Hub By The Goverment

I am currently in plateau state nysc orientation camp and with what I have seen so far, the government needs to do better as the 21days in camp can actually put you into depression if you are not bouyant in cash.


The officials have turned the place to a living hell and they find a means in all ways to extort student instead of making life very easy.


 I will be pointing out some point thats need to be checked.


They disconnect all the socket in the camp and corp members are being forced to charge at the mami market.

Power bank goes for 100 naira and phones goes for 70 naira. You will have to charge everyday and lets say 200 naira per day for 21days thats total of 4,200.


Using of the POS machine for cash withdrawal.

They do not charge the normal fee they do outside the camp.

To collect 1k is 100 naira and anything above that is 200 naira, 8k is 250 and 10k is 300.


Just imagine all this.

Most times we will have to buy water in the morning for 50 naira, when there will be no water in the tank to bath.

I thought the government make provisions for all this and I wonder why the officials are milking the people dry through the maami market.

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