18-year-old Lady Imprisoned For Stabbing And Pouring Hot Water On Her Friend For Allegedly Sleeping With Her Boyfriend (Video)


Owusu-Ansah let herself into her former friend’s home and attacked her for allegedly seeing her boyfriend.


By Amarachi



A court has handed a jail sentence to an 18-year-old lady, Princess Owusu-Ansah of Royston, Hertfordshire after she live-streamed an attack in which she poured boiling water on a lady before stabbing her in the leg.

The incident took place at the victim’s house in East Dulwich on February 2. Owusu-Ansah let herself into her former friend’s home and went on the attack, accusing her of seeing her boyfriend.

Footage shows the victim scrambling to pull a duvet over herself for protection as Owusu-Ansah, from Royston, Hertfordshire, started to throw punches.



Owusu-Ansah was then seen propping the phone on a table in the victim’s bedroom, before rushing towards the woman wrapped in bedding with a kettle in her hand.

After chucking the searing water the victim fell screaming between the bed and the wall, to which Owusu-Ansah yelled “don’t embarrass me” and “don’t piss me off, I’ve got a knife” before climbing on the bed and bashing the weapon against the wall.

The victim begged “please, please” as she hit the blade against the victim. Owusu-Ansah also trashed the woman’s room, smashing sentimental items. The survivor managed to flee to the street and call for help, and was later treated at Kings College Hospital south east London for non-life threatening stab wounds. A member of the public saw the video live streamed on February 2 and called the police.



At Inner London Crown Court Owusu-Ansah pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm with intent and criminal damage. Owusu-Ansah was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for grievous bodily harm with intent and criminal damage by Croydon Magistrates’ Court.

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Speaking after the sentencing, Detective constable Abigail Ellyatt said “I hope this result brings the victim some comfort in knowing this violent offender has been brought to justice, and I admire the strength and courage she has shown throughout.”


Watch The Video Below;





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