Nobody Can Use Our Stars to Ride Private Jet and Expect us to Remain Quiet – Happie Boys Respond to Backlash They Received after calling out Apostle Ugochinyere


Sensational Security boys, Happie Boys, have reacted to the backlash they received after they called out clergyman, Apostle Chibuzor Ugochinyere, on social media.

On Tuesday, June 13, the young men shared a voicenote on their Instagram page of the clergyman placing a curse on them for allegedly being ungrateful after he sent them on a scholarship to Cyprus.


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Apostle Chibuzor Forgives Happie Boys, Offers Scholarship To Nigeria University

Recall Happie Boys became internet sensations after being sacked for dancing at a restaurant they previously worked at in Nigeria. The clergyman saw their video online asking for help and promised to sponsor their education abroad. He later flew them to study in Cyprus.


In the post shared on their pages online on Tuesday, the alleged said the cleric had reneged on his promise to sponsor their education. They claimed he took care of them for 6 months after arriving Cyprus and asked them to wait for another 6 months as he was having some challenges. They alleged that they are still yet to get help after the 6 months. They further claimed that some of those on same scholarship have dropped out, while others from rich families have continued. The young men who are claiming that they’ve never spoken ill of Apostle Chinyere, alleged that someone screen-recorded a live session they had and sent to the cleric who got infuriated and accused them of trying to disgrace him. Read here.


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Some Nigerians felt their post showed they were ungrateful and took to social media to slam them.


Reacting to the backlash, the Happie boys via their Instagram page stated that all that glitters is not gold. In an apparent jab to the clergyman, they asked that he should show the world proof of those that have graduated from his scholaship scheme and are doing well for themselves.




‘’Those making negative comments can never understand what we have seen. You contınue to send people on scholarshıps, Show the World the proof of those that have graduated from the schorlashıp and are doıng well for themselves, nobody can use Our stars to rıde prıvate jet and expect us to remaın quıet. You reason wıth your braın and stop beıng negatıve. Where ıs the transformer boy sponsored to Cyprus too. He has returned to Nıgerıa after he almost dıed here and hıs Mother went to a Prayer House where they told them to return the boy. Things Dey happen, WHO NO KNOW NO KNOW”


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