Video Captures Moment after Popular YouTuber’s Girlfriend Is Shot by her Ex-boyfriend before He Fatally Shoots Himself 


Harrowing video captures the moment right after a popular YouTuber’s girlfriend was shot in the leg by her abusive ex-boyfriend in West Virginia.

The video also captures the sound of the gunman then fatally shooting himself on Friday, Dec. 8.

YouTuber Hunter Avallone, known for debating with conservatives online, was at his Martinsburg apartment with his girlfriend Holle Peno, a Twitch streamer, when her ex-boyfriend of 11 years showed up and shot through the door, striking Peno in the leg.

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Avallone began filming moments after Peno was shot, noting in the footage that his landlord had warned him about a “shady” man on the property with a gun under his jacket.




Avallone and Peno


Peno’s former boyfriend, referred to as Conrad in the video, died by suicide after shooting through Avallone’s apartment door, according to the post shared by Avallone.

Peno and Conrad had broken up several weeks before, according to Peno’s social media accounts.



“I recorded the final moments in which we’re hiding on the back porch,” Avallone wrote next to footage showing Peno looking distraught and bleeding.






“You can hear him shoot at police before ultimately taking his own life…in my own f—king apartment hallway,” Avallone wrote.

Avallone appears to be on the phone with police at one point in the video, telling them the suspect is pounding hard on the door and that they can hear shouting.

Voices can then be heard in the video screaming, “Show me your f**king hands! Show me your hands!” before multiple gunshots ring out and the video abruptly ends.



“Still trying to process this. Holle and I are physically ok but mentally, this is gonna do some serious damage,” Avallone wrote. “Holle has been amazing and she’s been incredibly brave and strong throughout this ordeal.”



Peno posted an emotional video to X on Sunday, Dec. 10, saying, “It feels like my soul was ripped in half.


“Every time I close my eyes, I see him lying there,” Peno says through sobs. “I hate how that was the last time I saw him because he wasn’t all bad. He was good sometimes.”

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Peno said she was starting to “come out of shock.




“I feel so torn up inside. I loved him for 11 years despite the abuse, and he couldn’t love me enough to let me leave,” she wrote.

A GoFundMe set up by a fellow Twitch streamer to cover Peno’s hospital bills noted that her ex tried to shoot at police before taking his own life. More than $4,000 had been raised by Sunday afternoon.


In a statement to the Daily Mail, the Martinsburg Police Department confirmed the incident, writing, “On Friday, December 8, an unidentified male arrived at the location armed with a shotgun. The individual discharged the firearm through the exterior door of the building, striking a female victim.

“Responding immediately to the scene, Martinsburg Police officers engaged with the armed suspect as he attempted to breach an interior apartment door while continuing to fire his weapon.


“A brief exchange of gunfire ensued, resulting in the suspect taking his own life.”




Watch the video below.



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