Woman Confronts Bank Staff over Disappearance of N1.2m from Her Account (Video)


A Nigerian woman, Onyema Evelyn stormed her bank to file a complaint over the unauthorized deduction of money from her account.

She revealed that N1.2 million has been deducted from her account within a three week period, but her bank failed to proffer solution.

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In a video shared by Tunde Ednut, thep lady could be seen lashing out at bankers who told her that the matter will be investigated.

Evelyn, who was visibly angry and heartbroken asked the officials to stop telling her stories and trace the account where the money went.

She said that the monies were being deducted in separet transactions of N500k, N750k. According to her, when it first happened she reported the matter to the police and even went to court only for it to keep repeating itself.



A female banker who saw someone filming the incident had to force the peron to turn off their camera.

Ednut who felt disappointed with the bank’s attitude wrote: “How can you have a bank account and money go dey commot?

You go dey complain and they will be telling you “we will investigate this”, investigate what? First of all, it’s not my fault that money left my account. Money that I put in your care. Who does that? You can’t explain to me how money is leaving my bank account, really?


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For abroad, they will first refund you your money before even carrying out an investigation. Nigeria might never ever get to the root of that matter…”


See the video below-:


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