Woman Who Took out Her Boyfriend to Shopping Runs Him over With Her Car after she Discovered Her Boyfriend Was Cheating on Her (Video)


A woman who  drove her boyfriend to the mall, While he was inside shopping, she read his messages and saw messages suggesting he was cheating on her with her sister and she did this.

Her boyfriend, Jawon, thought she was coming closer to pick him up, but she wasn’t.

She ran him over with the car.

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She also ran over a pedestrian, Christopher Scott Griffiths, walking across with his cane, who was at the wrong place at the wrong time

Christopher, a 58 year old, had been paralysed after a motorcycle accident and after a lot of effort, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, he learnt to walk again, with aid of his cane.



After running them down, she exited the vehicle and started to beat her boyfriend.


She had their 8 month old baby in the car during all this and left her baby in the car while she went to beat her wounded boyfriend.

The pedestrian, Christopher, died

Taah’viya Chapman, 24, was indicted on charges of aggravated murder, murder, felonious assault, attempted murder and endangering children. She faces life in prison.

The attempted murder charge is for her attempt on her.

boyfriend because he actually survived. Talk about ruining ones life.


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