Nigerian Doctor Calls out Fertility Centers in the Country that Pump Patients up with Hormonal Drugs 


A Nigerian doctor has taken to Twitter to raise an alarm over some unethical practices carried out by fertility centers in the country

@Doctorr_Bright in tweets he shared, said these fertility centers pump patients up with hormonal drugs which make them bloated, stop their menstrual periods and simulate pregnancy symptoms.


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Sharing a personal experience with a patient, he wrote;

One day we’re going to talk about these so called “fertility centers” that pump patients up with hormonal drugs that make them bloated, stop their menstrual periods and simulate pregnancy symptoms. I’ve always known them to exist from a distance until now.

Woman came to antenatal clinic to register and said she was 5 months pregnant. And even gave date of her last menstrual period. Also added that she did blood test which confirmed it. Belly looking full but couldn’t palpate uterus let alone pick any fetal heart.

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I Suggested she do a scan (maybe my palpitation skills and ear no de work well) Came back a week later only to show the scan (empty uterus) no single sign of cyesis. Not even ectopic or molar pregnancy This time did blood test again Negative .. ah! She almost lost it!


Apparently she went to this “fertility center” where they gave her a bunch of drugs to take for some months … to cut the long story short, these outlets are just scam outlets. The people there are not even medical doctors . Anyway, I already know what’s at play


But I encouraged her to be calm, redo the tests again in different labs (but deep down I already know what’s up. But just tried not to dampen her spirit further)

Let me tell you how some of these “fertility centers” operate They pump the women full with hormonal drugs including hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) which is the hormone that shows up when a woman is pregnant. If this hormone is high enough, “pregnancy symptoms” follow

And of course hormonal drugs that stop her period. So you have; No period Pregnancy symptoms. What easy conclusion will a woman that is trying to conceive come to? I’m pregnant They’re obviously over joyed




Because of the high hCG in their blood, if they do a pregnancy test what would the result show? You guessed right! Now you have No period Pregnancy symptoms Positive pregnancy test Who can doubt all these obvious signs right? But there’s a twist in their elaborate scam.

They tell these women never to go to any hospital or do any scan! That the baby is hiding and no one will see it but it’s there… I know right?

Don’t forget, these women become bloated and add abdominal fat (most times side effects of the hormonal drugs)


They especially tell them to keep it a secret from friends and family and not to see any doctor. In their 6-7 months of the charade, they’ll admit them in the “hospital” for a while, Then come up with one reason why they should do a cesarean section.

I don’t need to tell you how heavily these women pay for this VIP services. On the D-day they’ll put the woman under general anesthesia, cut her open (classic CS type of incision on the abdomen) close it back. by the time she wakes up, there’s a baby waiting Shocking right?

Now here’s a woman who had all the pregnancy symptoms, went into “surgery” and wakes up beside a new born baby… What is the logical conclusion? You guessed right again. I’m sure you’ve heard the word “baby factory) … well, This is how baby factories operate


Where do they get these new born babies from? Mostly surrogates who are being paid for their babies. Let’s not even open the can of worms surrounding black market buying and selling of new borns from poor young girls in villages. Shocking right?


Sometimes some of these women are victims of the deception, other times, the women are well in on the plan perhaps to deceive their husbands or family members.


Side note: with the increase of paternity fraud and the rest, it’s important for DNA test to be conducted to also check if the mother is related to the child too. Sometimes, you’ll be shocked that neither the father nor the mother are biological parents of the kids *Just sayin

Native Doctor Sits under Heavy Rainfall in Frustration after Failing to Hold Rain at Event (Video)

Anyway, I’ve come to the end of my talk… Let’s be vigilant; willful or not, ignorant or not, the repercussions of these things will affect many lives.

Oh and the said patient never came back to the clinic again. Either she accepted that she’s really not pregnant or she’s has gone back to the fertility center for more deception either way, peace be unto her

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