Bouncer Fights off a Gunman Who Attacked an Enugu bar, grabs His Gun from Him (video)


A CCTV footage that shows a bouncer successfully fighting off a gunman who stormed a bar in Enugu state and attempted to kill people, has made the rounds on social media.


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Twitter user @CeeCeeAkannaya who shared the video online said the incident happened on January 14. While praising the Bouncer for his bravery in helping to save the lives of many people, Akannaya wrote



‘’This is Harrison the Bouncer God used to save many lives at Swift Bar, Enugu. Harrison was working in the bar when a guy with AK47 entered the bar to kill as many people as he can, but Harrison saved the day.”


The CCTV footage shows customers at the bar fleeing for their lives as the gunman entered and began shooting sporadically. The brave bouncer struggled with he gunman until he was disarmed.




Watch the CCTV Footage below:


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